tBeacon Onyx

Radio beacon to aid lost model search. Self-contained unit with onboard GPS.

2021 model year, direct successor to tBeacon Black.

tBeacon Onyx








Built-in GPS

No external connections - everything on-board.

Call activation

Does not interfere with onboard circuits as it sleeps until called.

Human voice

Reports the location by voice into the radio: all you need is to enter coordinates into the navigator and find your loss.

Unsurpassed speech quality and many service messages.

Long range

Retranslator in LoRa mode is able to locate lost beacon from a distance of more than 20 km. (12.5 miles) within line of sight.

Retranslator in FSK mode is also there to retain compatibility.

Proximity mode

If GPS fails (under snow, mud, lost satellites, etc.) you still able to find the beacon with Proximity mode (a la "fox hunting" reversed).


Smartphone integration

Able to whistle like an old-school dial-up modems and a smartphone app tBeacon Finder ( Android, iOS) is able  to recognize that sound and navigate you to a target. 

Handy features

Traditional modes: timer beacon, classic three tone beeps for radio foxhunting (ARDF);

⚫ Easy to setup with cross-platform progressive web application (PWA);

⚫ Built-in bright LED and a buzzer;

⚫ Turn On/Off using a button, auto power on, and a handy contactless power off;

Easy to start

Battery (LiPo 130мач) with a connector,  low-temperature heatshrink tube included.

Connect the battery, fit the heatshrink tube and you're done.


⚫ Size: 23x48mm;

⚫ Weight: 9-10 g (With LiPo 130mAh).

Long run

14 days run (idle mode) with stock battery.




  1. Can do everything that tBeacon Black could;
  2. Completely redesigned voice synthesis, greatly increased intelligibility and speech quality;
  3. The "vocabulary" of the beacon has been significantly expanded, now it can pronounce not only numbers, but also many new messages;
  4. Repeater mode with LoRa modulation, which significantly increases the range of communication (up to 20 km with line of sight). The repeater mode with FSK modulation is also retained for compatibility;
  5. Transmitting location directly to a smartphone via RTTY audio encoding and automaticly recognize in the tBeacon Finder application (Android and iOS); 
  6. The CTCSS configuration has been redesigned and made more flexible. The CTCSS subtone signal is more reliably recognized by simple walkie-talkies; 
  7. Simplified assembly and operation;
  8. Improved overall energy efficiency.



  • tBeacon Onyx (flashed, tested and calibrated);
  • LiPo battery 130mAh;
  • Heatshrink tube (low temperature);
  • Stickers.
Weight TBD
Dimensions 23x48mm
Long range (radio) Yes
Short range (sound) Yes
Learning the position using an external GPS receiver built-in GPS/Glonass
LiPo charging Yes
Activation by call or timer Yes
Voice transmission Yes
LiPo 130mah
External battery voltage sensor No
Buzzer/LED Yes
Power on by Button + AutoOn + Contactless Off
Automatic power-on Yes
Protection circuits n/a
microUSB for charging/configuration Yes

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tBeacon Onyx

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