About tBeacon lost model locator

tBeacon lost model beacons are designed to aid in locating lost RC aircrafts (airplanes, helis, multi-copter), but are also successfully used to locate fallen parachutes, balloons, etc. As an anti-thief system for bicycles and motorcycles, and even to locate lost cows and cats!

tBeacon radio-beacons are superior to competitors being independent of cell coverage, having low weight and size. It offers several modes of operations: reporting GPS coordinates, radio direction finding, and also unique Proximity mode, which is essentially radio ​foxhunting on steroids. Also beacons are equipped with a loud buzzer and bright LED to aid the searching in close proximity.

On this website, you can learn more about beacons, review success stories, choose and buy the best model for you.

Our customers often take tBeacons as an "insurance policy". They want to never have to use it but it's there if they need it. And indeed, the search for a fallen RC model often turns into a many-hour, if not multi-day adventure, which can hardly be called pleasant. The installed tBeacon does not eliminate the search process, but significantly speeds it up and greatly increases the chances of success.

The most common words used we receive: “I would never have found it without a tBeacon” and this is a huge incentive to develop this project. Thanks to everyone who supports the project. This is a huge motivation to move the project on and getting it better!

Reviews of selected tBeacon models