tBeacon Black

The next generation of tBeacon model line: now it is a self-contained unit with onboard GPS!

Key features:

  • learning the position of a craft using an embedded onboard GPS receiver. No more need to hook it up to your drone!
  • activation via call from UHF handheld radio or by timer
  • voice transmission of GPS position among classical beacon tones and unique Proximity mode
  • easy configuration and calibration through a PC and macOS apps
  • built-in bright LED and a buzzer
  • power button and a reliable method of contactless powering off
  • automatic turn on together with the aircraft (if connected to onboard charging source)
  • LiPo cell of 80mAh (provides 7 days of standby time)
  • size: 20x45mm
  • weight: 7-8g (with battery)

Package includes:

  • tBeacon Black (assembled, calibrated and tested unit) with wire antenna
  • LiPo 1S 90mAh
  • heatshrink tube
  • stickers

>>> MORE INFO <<<

NOTE: This is NOT a plug'n'play product! Due to the absence of a mechanical circuit breaker, the tBeacon Black is shipped with disconnected battery. You'll have to solder it by yourself. Please read the detailed description beforehand.


NOTE: Handheld radio is not included and has to be ordered separately elsewhere. See FAQ (question 4) for details.



Weight 5.5g + battery 1.5g
Dimensions 20x45mm
Long range (radio) Yes
Short range (sound) Yes
Learning the position using an external GPS receiver built-in GPS/Glonass
LiPo charging Yes
Activation by call or timer Yes
Voice transmission Yes
LiPo 80mah
External battery voltage sensor No
Buzzer/LED Yes
Power on by Button + AutoOn + Contactless Off
Automatic power-on Yes
Protection circuits n/a
microUSB for charging/configuration Yes

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tBeacon Black

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